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"Jeff is, by the far, the most talented recording engineer I've ever worked with in Toronto. He's incredibly organized, quick on the draw (Pro Tools wise), and has a fantastic set of ears. He's helped us record hours, hours, and hours worth of dialogue for various Ubisoft projects.  If you work with one audio engineer this year, do yourself a favour and make it Jeff Moberg." - Phillip Hunter, Voice Designer at Ubisoft Montreal

"Jeff has been a breeze to work with!  Always courteous, professional and reliable.  I take heart in knowing the job will be done right the first time.  
Big +1 from me." - Adrian Thompson, Modio

"I have worked with Jeff on multiple projects recently and every time I have I am amazed by how quickly he performs the editing and with a great attention to detail. Final results were fabulous in all cases, and Jeff was fantastic to work with!" - Jennifer Daniel, Senior Product Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim

"Jeff helped with sound design on a commercial spot. He did a quick, pro job without any hitches and was super great to work with. He's detail oriented, professional and creative." - Arv Slabosevicius, Creative Director, Partner at Pyramid Attack