Audio Identity

If you find yourself looking for tutorials for motion graphics or 3D animation, be sure to check out - The tutorial videos are informative, well produced, and also feature scripts created by the sites talented owner/producer, Vinhson Nguyen.  

Check out the latest greatest tutorial, which features fresh new sonic branding by yours truly!

A Raccoon Thing - Vimeo Staff Pick!

Let's get weird!  Let's get weird!  But seriously, not often am I tasked with designing sounds for a raccoon jumping into a rave-like dream world.  I had a blast working on this project with Andrew Vucko, and I'm happy to see that it has received a Vimeo Staff Pick

99 Frames of Awesomeness

If you are a frequent Vimeo cruiser, by now you've probably seen the tasty promo for this years 99frames Social Animation Project that Rich Nosworthy and my buddy Wes Slover have crafted up.  The idea behind 99frames is to encourage experimentation in animation and 3D using Cinema 4D.  Being someone who primarily works along with motion graphics and animation artists, I think this this is pretty damn cool.  No style guidelines, just straight-up creative freedom packed into 99 frames of awesomeness. 


A huge part of any creative profession is being able to experiment with new techniques and collaborate with others to expand on how we work as designers, motion artists, sound designers, composers, etc.  This is why I am offering to support your entries with some experiments of my own - For this years project, I will be offering sound design for at least 20 99frames entries.  If you want to work together, be sure to get in touch!

For more info on the 99frames project, check out the links below:
99frames Website
99frames 2k15 Vimeo Group
99frames Tumblr